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What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D Laser Scanning or LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a 2 step process.

Step 1 involves using a laser distance meter over a surface in order to collect 3D points in space to form what is known as a point cloud. It’s similar technology used in a laser measure tool, just carried out multiple times, extremely quickly, on a moving device.  Our scanner can capture upto 360,000 points per second and has a range of 0.6m to 60.0m.

Step 2.  The scanner has 3 outward facing cameras that are used to create a panoramic image. This  panoramic image is used to add the environment colour information to the point cloud.

Once we have all the scans required they need to be combined to form the full point cloud. This is done in specialised software and is know as registration or indexing. We use Autodesk ReCap Pro for this part of the process.

Below is some examples of what a point cloud looks like in the software package.

Once we have the scans indexed we are at a stage where we can supply the combined point cloud to our client. Our native formats are RCP, RCS, PTS or E57, but we can generally supply this in whatever format the clients requires it.

The next step is in the process would be to generate accurate 2D CAD Drawings or 3D models from the Point Cloud.  We have a number of different ways to achieve this depending on the complexity of the point cloud and the desired end result required.  We will use a software package such as AutoCAD, Sketch-up, 3DS Max or Revite to generate the model or we may use a scan to mesh package, but this really depends on the project.

Below are some screen captures of the finished Arcade Model in Sketch-Up.


We can supply this model in any format required by the client.

We can also supply in a real time 3D engine. This allows clients to wander freely around the model and take screen captures at their leisure.  This can also be supplied for use in a VR Headse such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

Below are some screen captures from the 3D engine file as well as a link to the 3D Engine File.